Going Green

St. John’s is committed to going green. We understand the need to take greater responsibility for the world in which we live and the role we play in reducing our carbon footprint.

Our major projects include:
The Environmental/Recycling Club at SJS is very active and we encourage everyone to take part. The Environmental/Recycling Club’s theme this year is:


Here are some helpful hints if you would like to get involved:

We accept all types of cardboard. Any plastic covering should be removed. You don’t need to remove any tape. Cardboard should be broken down (flat). Cardboard can be placed in the cardboard bin located in Maui Wells parking lot. Only cardboard goes in the cardboard bin.

Aluminum cans should be emptied. Ideally they should be rinsed out. Aluminum cans should NOT be crushed. Steel cans are not aluminum. (Mr. Brown, pet food, food cans, etc) Bags of aluminum can be placed OUTSIDE the aluminum bin located in Maui Wells parking lot. Please do NOT place bags of aluminum IN the bin. Students will take care of placing aluminum cans IN the bin. Only aluminum cans should end up in the aluminum bin. No plastic, steel, glass, trash, etc.

We can only accept #1 or #2 types of plastic. Plastic should be emptied of any liquids. Ideally the cap should be removed (and thrown away). Plastic may be placed in the fenced-in area between the Snack Shack and Marine Corps Dr. next to the green water tanks.

We accept all newspapers, which get bundled and taken to a farmer periodically for use in mulching. Newspaper can be placed in the designated box outside the Teachers’ Lounge.

At present, there is no collection of magazines being done on island, but we will accept them and shred them for easier decomposition. Magazines can be placed in the designated box outside the Teachers’ Lounge.

White or colored paper that is blank on one side, without confidential material on the printed
side, is re-used by our students. White or colored paper that is printed on both sides gets shredded. The shredded white paper goes to a farmer to use in mulching. The shredded color paper goes to the dump, but since it is shredded, it will decompose more quickly. Paper may be placed in the designated boxes outside the Teachers’ Lounge.

When new phone books are issued (starting in December), you can bring your old phone books (any state/country/year) to the front office. We will have a cart designated for phone books. Last year SJS came 2nd in the GTA Phone Book Round Up, and we won $2000, which we will use towards a feasibility study of installing solar panels in the school. If you have connections with businesses or hotels, please help get commitments from them (sooner rather than later) to pledge their phone books to our school. Arrangements can be made with Mr. Pearson for pick-up.

We do not accept glass for recycling. Glass must be taken to the Dededo Waste Transfer Station.

We thank all in advance for your efforts to reduce, reuse and recycle. We are open to suggestions for doing more. Please contact Mr. Pearson (tpearson@stjohnsguam.com) if you have any ideas.

Energy Efficiency

Energy use has been trimmed by over 30% by introducing new lighting, peak hour use policies, and greater awareness by all students and teachers. A study is planned on the feasibility of introducing solar energy to St. John’s. Students will conduct the study as part of a design challenge sponsored by the Board of Trustees.