Mission, Vision & Core Values

St. John’s School serves students who will pursue excellence and benefit from a traditional Episcopal college preparatory program that promotes Christian principles of faith, integrity, initiative and self-awareness. A rigorous educational program provides students with strong basic knowledge, instills strong study habits, as well as provides athletic and fine arts opportunities. Values of service and social responsibility are pervasive throughout a student’s experience. Respect and appreciation for each individual’s, faith and culture defines our purpose.

St. John’s School was founded in order to provide an advanced educational opportunity to the residents of Guam and the Western Pacific. St. John’s is a private, college preparatory school that strives to provide the highest quality academic and extra-curricular education and is intended for students who plan to continue on to a higher education. St. John’s will respect each student as an individual and will endeavor to promote:

  • Quality Educational Programs which will provide the students with firm basic knowledge and learning habits so that they may enter subsequent schools with a solid base and perhaps a head start.
  • Christian Values by modeling and experiencing the spiritual values of faith, hope, love, and service so fundamental to meeting the crises of today and the unknowns of tomorrow;
  • Social Responsibility by creating an environment conducive to the growth of integrity, social conscience, initiative and by the development of responsible persons who understand and appreciate the different faiths and cultures which surround them;
  • Self-Awareness by stimulating through the best possible education the personal, spiritual, and intellectual development of each child to his/her full potential;

The achievement of these goals requires a student body of high quality in both academic and extra-curricular aspects; high quality teachers who are capable of establishing a personal rapport with the students and inspiring them to make an individual commitment to their own educational development, and, finally, a physical setting, educational tools, and school administration which will promote the productive interaction between the students and the teachers.


Underlying the entire St. John’s School program is the belief that the personal relationship fostered between student and teacher is the key to learning. Out of this relationship, identity replaces anonymity; skills, knowledge and genuine affection for learning are acquired; an atmosphere of acceptance, encouragement and love is engendered.

The closeness of the student-teacher relationship offers teachers a deeper understanding of student strengths and offers students an experienced guide in overcoming weaknesses. The enrollment figure for the Upper School is set to best incorporate the advanced studies of the International Baccalaureate and Advanced Placement programs into the curriculum. The school is large enough to offer a wide variety of curricular and co-curricular activities and yet sufficiently small, with favorable student-teacher ratios, to facilitate close relationships between students and teachers and foster a sense of community among all.

Guided by trained and empathetic instructors, education at St. John’s School values the spirit of free inquiry in the liberal arts, promotes the ideals of authentic character and responsibility, and seeks the full and proper self-expression of mind tempered by the honored discipline of sound intellectual application. The curriculum intends that St. John’s School graduates may enter the most selective and prestigious colleges and universities throughout the United States and the world.