Welcome from the Head of School


“Why St. John’s School” has been the theme of our school’s recruitment events for several years now.  We do not pose it as a question; rather it introduces our thoughts on why our school stands out as the most appropriate choice for families on Guam.

Three broad areas are exemplary:  our teachers, our programs, our students.

Relationships are the powerful forces that make students feel accepted, encouraged, and eager to embrace challenges.  St. John’s teachers understand this key aspect of our school’s philosophy.  They work to instill trust and respect that extends in every direction: teacher/student, student/student, teacher/parent, and of course, teacher/teacher.  We meticulously hire and retain educators who love what they do and push themselves to keep improving.  During school year 2015-2016 St. John’s teachers logged an average of 45 hours of individual professional development.

In addition to exceptional teachers, we work continuously to deliver the best programs of study for our children, from the learning and playing lessons of our three-year-olds to the rigorous IB and AP courses in the upper grades.  We combine the best of traditional education—thinking, discussion, self-expression, with new ideas and technologies—Google classroom, passion learning.  Our teachers work together to ensure that appropriate skills are aligned across grade levels, and they plan strategies that provide both challenge and support.  Small class sizes allow optimal individual attention to student learning needs.  Regular parent communication encourages strong home/school partnerships.

Students who attend St. Johns’ School have the best possible peer group.  They work and play with students who love challenges and encourage effort.  They meet friends who share their values and interests.  Student leaders emerge who learn the skill of representation and the strength of student voice in creating an excellent school.

It is not true that all St. John’s graduates go on to the Ivy Leagues, nor is that our aim.  Our students are a diverse group, and their goals are varied.  What we do—very well, I believe—is prepare them for whatever it is they want to do next.  We take pride in the 100% acceptance rates to colleges each year and in the success stories of our alumni over the decades.

If our brand of education sounds like your kind of education, come by and see us about a tour or a visit day.  Great teachers, exceptional programs, talented students—that’s Why St. John’s.


Patricia Bennett

Head of School