Knight Gallery 2015

  The Visual and Performing Arts stand out at St. John’s School. Every student has had or will have the opportunity to engage with their creative side whether it be through painting, singing, dancing, or performing. St. John’s School recognizes the need for the arts as they provide students with an outlet of creativity and exploration through self expression. At St. John’s we offer visual art classes in all the grade levels, such as art and pottery, and performing arts classes, such as dance, orchestra, band, and drama.

The Lower School and Middle School offer music classes, art classes, and dance classes to all students.

In the Upper School students have the ability to work in any mode they would like, whether it be in the visual arts through pottery, paint, sculpture, Photoshop and much more or through performing arts through drama, orchestra, and dance.

Students learn the technical skills of each subject and showcase their work via art shows, plays, and concerts every year. Often, students, with the help of teachers, design posters for the school plays and fundraisers. We have had success preparing our students’ portfolios for admissions and acceptance to arts and performing arts colleges and schools.

Visual Arts Teachers Performing Arts
Nancy Provido Karen Flores for Drama
Terry Reffell Norman Babia Music, Orchestra, and Band
Vivian Marutani Ludy Ko for Music
TJ Cruz for Dance