Learning Is Our Priority

Underlying the entire St. John’s School experience is the belief that the personal relationship fostered between student and teacher is the key to learning.

Out of this relationship, identity replaces anonymity; skills, knowledge and genuine affection for learning are acquired; an atmosphere of acceptance, encouragement and love is engendered.

The closeness of the student-teacher relationship offers teachers a deeper understanding of student strengths and offers students an experienced guide in overcoming weaknesses.

The school is large enough to offer a wide variety of curricular and co-curricular activities and intimate enough, with favorable student-teacher ratios, to facilitate close relationships between students and teachers and foster a sense of community among all.

Guided by trained and empathetic instructors, education at St. John’s School values the spirit of free inquiry in the liberal arts, promotes the ideals of authentic character and responsibility, and seeks the full and proper self-expression of mind tempered by the honored discipline of sound intellectual application, participation in civic life, the arts, athletics, and service to community.

Our curriculum intends that St. John’s School graduates may enter the most selective and prestigious colleges and universities throughout the United States and the world.

Student Success Is Our Calling