Awards and Honors

St. John’s Annual Sports Banquet

St. John’s School held their annual sports banquet last night at the Fiesta Resort Hotel in recognition of their middle and high school athletes for the school year 2011-2012.

Team coaches stepped up to the podium along with their respective teams to thank them and acknowledge their accomplishments as individuals and team players. The Knights participated in the 2011-2012 IIAAG sports calendar that included cross country, basketball, volleyball, soccer, golf, tennis and rugby.

Considered a small school the Knights worked hard to capture its share of IIAAG championship titles. The Knights earned championship titles in high school boy’s soccer, golf, girl’s tennis, girl’s rugby and middle school girl’s cross country.

Taking home the male and female athlete of the year awards were senior Ryota Nault and sophomore Gabriella Chapin. Nault and Chapin played in multiple sports garnering team MVP and Coaches choice awards throughout the evening.