Academic Eligibility for Sports

Students receiving scholarship assistance are expected to maintain a “B” (80%) average or better in all subjects and an overall citizenship average of 2.0 or less.

League and School Requirements (IIAAG)


The Athletic Director will check academic and citizenship grades at the end of each quarter. These are the grades of record for all activities in the following quarter.

  • The previous year’s 4th quarter grades determine eligibility for 1st quarter.
  • 1st quarter grades determine eligibility for 2nd quarter.
  • 2nd quarter grades determine eligibility for 3rd quarter.
  • 3rd quarter grades determine eligibility for 4th quarter.

A student must have an overall average of 70% or better in all subjects for the quarter prior to participation. In addition, a student may not have an “F” (59% or below) in any subject, regardless of overall grade.

A student is automatically ineligible if he/she receives one “4” in citizenship. The Athletic Director and Head of School will determine eligibility should a student have more than one “3” in citizenship.

The burden shall be on the coordinator/coach of an activity to ascertain that the student is eligible for additional activities and the coordinator/coach is responsible for enforcement of the eligibility rule. If the coordinator/coach makes a mistake, the coordinator/coach shall be the one to inform the student and parents of the student. There shall be a list of students’ grades and citizenship marks available at the Registrar’s office for any coordinator/coach to review.

Should a student be deemed ineligible, the IIAAG allows and requires any grade change to be completed within ten (10) school days* after the beginning of a new quarter. Any changes made after that time period will not affect the student status (will still be ineligible). A grade change may be requested by a student; however, teachers are under no obligation to change a grade or allow a student to make up work to improve his/her grade.