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English Language Institute


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At St. John’s School, we offer English as a Second Language (ESL) courses for students and adults interested in developing English Language skills for the classroom and the community. The primary goal of the ESL Program is to help students use U.S. academic English, understand the culture of the U.S. school, and the community to achieve academic excellence.

The St. John’s ESL program aims to help students understand that English can be used to connect people in social, cultural, and academic settings through the use of strategies and methods that support academic achievement in content areas. Mastery of the English language is developed through proficiency in listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

ESL teachers provide academic support in many ways. Students’ needs are met by providing quality instruction, working with students in mainstream classes, and teaching in sheltered English language classes. Students also practice their English skills in listening labs that engage students in social and academic language experiences. Students enjoy listening to audio books, participating in conversations, and practicing their vocabulary and grammar through online classrooms that support student learning. Services are provided to the student based on students’ tests, language level, literacy needs, and teacher recommendations.

Home help tips for Parents of ESL students

  • Use the internet at home or at school library to access ESL websites that allow students to practice their English reading, writing, listening and speaking.
  • Practice vocabulary daily using household objects.
  • Read to your child daily in your native language or English.
  • Practice good study habits by setting aside time for your child to study regularly.
  • Allow your child to participate in family meeting where your child is allowed to contribute in their native language or in English.
  • Meet with your child’s ESL teacher and regularly classroom teacher for suggestions for home practice.
  • Visit the ELI Center.

 English as a Second Language Teacher

Dr. Josephine Cruz , Ed.D.