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Overview Lower School

The Lower School

In order to adequately prepare for the challenging and rigorous college preparatory program in the Upper School, students in the Lower and Middle Schools go through an accelerated academic program. Enriching visual and performing arts, sports, and community activities round out the program.

The Primary program of the Lower School consists of the Pre-Kindergarten 3, Kindergarten 4 and Kindergarten classes that offer the foundation for St. John’s early development program. In preparation for 1st Grade, St. John’s offer appropriate experiences of oral language, listening skills, and physical education.

According to a child’s interest and abilities, a readiness program in reading and mathematics, science, and social studies, is integrated with art and music. Concerns for social and emotional growth, as the well as intellectual and physical progress of children, allows teachers to individualize the program, and helps prepare children for the academic program that lies ahead.

From 1st to 5th Grade, students are offered a challenging and sequential program of reading, language arts, social studies, mathematics, science, religion, music, art, computer science and physical education. An advanced mathematics program is offered to qualified students in the 4th to 5th Grade.

The curriculum in St. John’s is college preparatory. In keeping with the school’s philosophy, it reflects the responsibility of the school to prepare the students for eventual college entrance. Implementation of the curriculum goals and objectives is done by certified teachers using a variety of teaching methods and materials that are current and proven effective.

PK-3 to 3rd grade are self-contained classes, and a homeroom teacher is in charge of teaching all the academic subjects in this environment. Curriculum maps insure uniformity and consistency in the implementation of the curriculum.

Special subjects such as: Art, Computer, Drama, Music, Dance, Religion, Physical Education, Swimming, Golf and Library Skills are taught once or twice a week by teachers who specialize in these areas.

Grades 4-5 classes are departmentalized and teachers teach their subject of specialization to maintain the quality of instruction and student achievement. This approach allows all the students to benefit equitably from the expertise of the teachers.


Report cards are issued on a quarterly basis. At mid-quarter, interim reports are sent home to inform parents of the students’ progress. This provides ample time to improve performance and correct concerns that get in the way of a student’s progress before the quarter ends. Grading Symbols:

Pre-Kindergarten – Grade 2
G, S, N (+ or -) are used for academic, special subjects, and citizenship grades

Grades 3 – 5:
Symbols used:
A, B, C, D, F (+ or -) for the academic subjects
V, S, U ( + or – ) for Citizenship and special subjects.

Listens Attentively.
Focuses on current task and is not easily distracted.
Body language indicates attentiveness.
Is Courteous and respectful of Others
Demonstrates acceptable behavior in the presence of peers and adults.
Follows Direction
Demonstrates the ability to stay on task after reading or hearing directions.
Respects Property of School and Others
Makes an effort to take care of school property. Values the right of others to have a pleasant environment.
Shows regard for materials of others.
Works Independently
Demonstrates ability to complete a task as an individual with minimal additional input.
Respects School and Classroom Rules
Follows rules as designated in the St.John’s Student Handbook.
Cooperates Well in Groups
Demonstrates a spirit of cooperation in group effort dependability.
Accepts Responsibility for Behavior
Exercises self-discipline and willingness
To fulfill needed roles.
Prepares for Class
Comes to class with the required supplies, signatures, and papers. Has done the necessary preparation to allow full participation.
Keeps Personal Areas Neat and Clean
Maintains work and storage areas in good order.
Completes Assigned Work
Homework and assigned class work is prepared and presented when due.
Demonstrates Initiative
Takes appropriate action without direct instructions.
Makes Proper Use of Time
Prepares for the day by quickly organizing.
Begins work within a reasonable amount of time.
Keeps to the task at hand and uses spare time
92-100 A V
90-91 A- V-
88-89 B+ S
82-87 B S+
80-81 B-
78-79 C+
72-77 C S
70-71 C-
68-69 D+
62-67 D S-
60-61 D-
59 or Below F U