At St. John’s all students enjoy quality access to technology on a daily basis.

Starting in Kindergarten and continuing through 6th grade, students take computer classes in the Lower School computer lab where they master a variety of writing and presentation applications, social media, and educational sites.

Students in both Middle and Upper School are expected to integrate technology into their assignments. Students may bring their own PC or Mac laptop to school to enhance their learning environments.

A wireless network is available for all classes and students throughout the campus.Classrooms are well-equipped with computers, printers, and projectors. Teachers communicate via email to students and parents.



Over the summer of 2016, St. John’s has made a significant investment to its network which is now being serviced through Docomo Pacific’s FAST-E Fiber Optic solution. Previously, St. John’s internet was provided over copper coaxial cables. The are many benefits and advantages in choosing fiber optics vs. the standard copper connection.

1)      Bandwidth/Speed

Slow download/upload speeds are no longer the case with the new Fast-E Fiber network. St. John’s now has a dedicated connectivity for the faculty, staff and students. During periods of high demand for internet access, there should be no slowing down of the internet. The new speeds being delivered to St. John’s are a symmetrical 50.0Mbps for download and upload.

2)      Reliability & Security

With the fiber network, there are no fail points between the connection linking St. John’s to Docomo Pacific’s NOC (Network Operating Center).  Furthermore, being that St. John’s is equipped with back-up generators, the phone and internet will remain operable as long as there is power to the school. This is a huge benefit for the students and staff as the daily activities will carry on undisturbed.

3)      Latency

Larger files can now be downloaded without disruption. Also, one of the biggest improvements made would be the call quality and reception. No more of that unusual buzzing during phone calls.

4)      Wireless Network

To improve on the wireless network, state of the art Access Points by Ruckus was installed. There is now wider wireless coverage around the school allowing students to access it from almost anywhere on campus.

Creating a strong and reliable network infrastructure in the school is vital to successful education outcomes in today’s learning environments. With the new fiber optic solution, students, faculty and staff are now experiencing improved bandwidth, security, reliability, call quality and wireless coverage.