Admissions Timeline

1. ADMISSIONS (for new students only): (Deadline: as soon as possible)

(This must be completed prior to start of the financial aid process):

      a. Application for admission submitted?
      b. Application fee paid? ($100 per new applicant)
      c. Applicant entrance exam completed?
                d. Official letter of acceptance provided?

2.START of Financial Aid Process:

a. Log on to:  and complete financial aid application online.

b. Complete all other required financial aid forms (All sections on forms must be filled out. Any sections left blank will not be processed.)

      i. Parental Financial Statement (PFS) (Online)
      ii. Business/Farm Statement(s) (one for each company)
      iii. Consent to Obtain Financial Information
      iv. Form 4506
      v. Form W-9


*Note: If tax returns are not submitted with PFS, then copies of parents’ W-2’s, 1099, Leave and Earnings Statement    (LES), etc. must be included.

b. Make COPY of FILED Income Tax Returns for the two most recent years.

      i. Form 1040, 1040A or 1040EZ
      ii. W-2(s), 1099-R(s), 1099-MISC, etc.(for Federal & Military Employees need
      Copies of Leave & Earnings Statement (LES)
      iii. Schedule A, Schedule of Itemized Deductions
      iv. Schedule B, Taxable Interest/Ordinary Dividends
      v. Schedule C, Business Income or (Losses)
      vi. Schedule D, Capital Gains or (Losses)
    vii. Schedule E, Rentals, Partnerships, S Corps

c. Submit items a, b, & c above to the Business Office.

  • Office hours: Monday through Friday 7:30am to 3:30pm

3. REVIEW Process:

      a. School and Student Services (SSS) will provide St. John’s with a Statement of Parental Contribution
    based on information provided in PFS.

b. St. John’s Financial Aid Committee will review SSS

recommendation and will make final decision on awards.

4.AWARD or DECLINE Process: Begins May 16 of each year

      a. Upon completion of review process, the Headmaster will send a letter of AWARD or DECLINE. Applicants who are awarded financial aid must respond within 15 days from date of letter.
    b. Upon acceptance of the financial aid award, the Business Office will finalize enrollment contract to reflect grants awarded.