Tuition Assistance & Scholarship

St. John’s Shool is an independent private college-preparatory school, located in upper Tumon, Guam. St. John’s School prides itself on academic excellence and a spirit of tolerance in a Christian environment. Coming from a wide range of backgrounds and talents, all graduates continue on to college, many at prestigious U.S. institutions. We invite you to join the St. John’s School community!

It is our vision that all students who desire a rigorous college preparatory program will consider St. John’s School on their way to the university of their choice, and that all students who are accepted by St. John’s School will not be turned away simply from financial need or an inability to pay for tuition. All scholarships are grants with no need to repay.

The success of St. John’s School rests squarely on the achievements of two groups: the students and the teachers. We believe that among the many qualities of St. John’s School, our teachers are attracted to St. John’s School because of the students’ commitment, and the students come to St. John’s because the teachers not only possess the credentials and training to provide them with the education they seek, but demonstrate their commitment in the classroom from year to year. Scholarships help to attract students who demonstrate the highest academic promise and motivation:

We understand the challenges that many families face in financing a private education. We work with families to find a payment plan that suits their budget and to find financial aid for those who need assistance.

Currently one out of every four students receives some form of tuition assistance. We offer assistance in the form of Financial of Aid, and Supplemental Scholarships. None require repayment, and all are confidential

Tuition Assistance

Families apply online for financial assistance directly to St. John’s and concurrently to School and Student Services by NAIS (Washington D.C.) – an impartial, nationally-recognized service that determines who qualifies and how much.

General Scholarship - Awarded to the most qualified students by the Scholarship Committee based on financial need, academic standing and other personal achievements. Candidates must complete the financial aid process, as enclosed. Award amounts vary based on the pool of candidates and the availability of funds.

ECIM Scholarship – Established in 2008 by The Episcopal Church in Micronesia (ECIM) and the national Episcopal Church in New York, this scholarship is based on financial need, academic standing and other personal achievements. This scholarship is an outreach program for students across the island who wish to benefit from a college-preparatory education. Candidates must complete the financial aid process, as enclosed. Award amounts vary based on the pool of candidates and the availability of funds.

Merit Scholarship – Established in 2004 by St. John’s School Board of Trustees, this scholarship is an entrance scholarship for new middle and high school students with talents in any of these areas: sports, visual arts, performing arts, leadership and community service. Merit scholarships are awarded independent of financial need. 

Benefactor Scholarships – St. John’s has a donor-centered giving program in which donors may create special scholarships or scholarship endowments. These scholarships may or may not be offered each year depending on the availability of funds. Interested students need not apply directly for these scholarships as all candidates in the Scholarship Program are automatically considered.

Eligibility for Tuition Assistance

  • Applicant must be a resident of Guam for the past year.
  • For Merit Scholarship applicants, must be accepted by St. John’s School to avail of award. Current student applicants must be in good standing at St. John’s School.
  • Applicants must be at least in 5th grade at the time of application, and have maintained excellent grades at their current school.
  • Have special talents or other personal achievements.

Application Process

The applicant will complete the Tuition Assistance Program Application Form and:

  • If not a current St. John’s student, provide official transcripts of grades from the past two years mailed directly from their school, along with most recent standardized test scores (SAT, ACT etc.)
  • List of his/her special talents or achievements in the areas of sports, music, visual or performing arts, or community service.
  • For Merit Scholarship applicants, write a 250-word essay outlining, Why St. John’s School is right for me.
  • Provide a letter of recommendation from a special teacher, coach, or counselor who knows the student well.
  • Complete the application process for St. John’s School and be available for a personal interview if asked. All scholarships will be awarded after admission and enrollment to St. John’s School. Scholarship awards are not transferable or deferrable.

Applications and supporting documents must be submitted to the Business Office at St. John’s School. Deadline for applications is on April 18th for the upcoming academic year.

The Head of School and the Tuition Assistance Program Committee of St. John’s School Board of Trustees will review applications. First expected award date is in mid-May.

  • NEW Applicants CLICK HERE to download Financial Aid Packet.
  • Deadline for applications is March 31 each year for the following year.