Is St. John’s the Right School for my Child?

Is St. John’s the school for my child?

We understand the challenge in finding the best school for your child. When considering your options, you must ask:

  • What type of curriculum is available?

    St. John’s shapes and prepares children for academic success – from elementary school through high school and well into college.  We set the ‘gold standard’ for quality education by offering a US college preparatory private school education tailored to the needs of our international clientele.

    Child-centered learning experiences in primary and middle school foster independent and creative thinking that prepares each student for the demands of a college preparatory high school.  High school students have the opportunity to choose courses and diplomas from the world’s finest advanced programs, the Advanced Placement (AP) and the International Baccalaureate (IB).

    Please discuss with us the range of programming for your child. Nowhere in the region will you ding higher quality or better results.

  • What extra-curricular opportunities are offered?

    Involvement in the arts, athletics, clubs, and service to others is integral to the spirit of learning at St. John’s.  We believe young people should be well-rounded, responsible, and caring individuals.  Our extra-curricular programs are designed to bring out each student’s best and the development of communication, collaboration, and teamwork skills.

    Peruse the Academic and Student Life tab to see the rich array of opportunities awaiting.

  • How does this school compare to other schools on-island?

    St. John’s has a record of proven academic performance and individual student achievement that is unparalleled on Guam.  Our academic performance speak for itself.  Yet, we’ve also won over 88 league championships since 1990 and regularly place inarts and academic competitions.  St. John’s students stand out and are recognized achievers in all areas.

    Ask us about the symphony, national history day, spelling bees, or marine science competitions – we’d love to share.

  • How are students encouraged to excel in all they do?

    Every one of us here at St. John’s honors and believes in the potential within each student.  Each child’s aspirations are recognized by teachers, parents, and especially the students themselves. Our strong sense of community creates a nurturing environment where peer-to-peer encouragement is the norm.

    Students are motivated to take intellectual and creative risks and pursue their passions and interests while feeling supported.

    More than any other single factor, this is where we excel.  High levels of achievement with high levels of support.

  • Will my child feel welcomed?

    Step onto our campus and you’ll feel our priorities.  Everyone is welcome here.  Diversity is valued.  Respect for others and their history is prized. You’ll be greeted by warm and friendly individuals who will take you on a tour and are ready to answer any questions you may have.  Enter into a classroom while it is in session and receive a first-hand experience of the learning environment that is St. John’s- small class sizes where relationships are prioritized, students are challenged and are hard at work, and teachers always encouraging.  When you meet our students, it is easy to imagine how successful your child will be here.

    At St. John’s it isn’t the buildings that are important – it’s the people inside.

  • Can I afford tuition and fees?

    Providing high quality education for a diverse student body is our highest priority.  We understand the challenge many families face in financing a private school education. That is why we work with families to find a payment plan that best suits their budget and provide financial aid and scholarships for students who may need assistance.  It is our intention to make quality education within the reach of aspiring students from diverse backgrounds.

    Please see our Tuition, Financial Aid and Scholarships tab for more information.

  • What is the admissions process?

    We take into account multiple factors that include previous academic and behavioral records, student interests, recommendations, and potential success at St. John’s.  When a student applies, he or she will have an interview and take a written entrance exam to ensure that he or she will be placed in the best learning environment for success.

    Please read the enclosed Applying to St. John’s” tab for detailed explanation- and be sure to speak